Genitals cover laws

Genitals Cover Laws??

Sometime somewhere, the following converstion must have taken place:

Mr. Bright: 'I have a tremendous idea!!'
Mr. Simple: '.....'
Mr. Bright: 'Let's all cover our genitals!!'
Mr. Simple: 'What for?'
Mr. Bright: '...Well...I have to admit that I haven't worked out all the details yet...'

If this doesn't impress you, have a look at the following improvement:

Mr. Evenmorebright: 'I have a fantastic idea!!'
Mr. Dumb: '....'
Mr. Evenmorebright: 'Let's all cover all our genitals!!'
Mr. Dumb: 'Why?'
Mr. Evenmorebright: 'To hide our shame!'
Mr. Dumb: '.....'
Mr. Evenmorebright: 'Listen, it is really very simple! First we are all going to feel ashamed of our genitals. Ok?'
Mr. Dumb '....'
Mr Evenmorebright: 'And then we have a good reason to cover them!! Right?'
Mr. Dumb: '....'

True, there's still reason to assume that even Mr.Evenmorebrights' idea didn't take the world by storm. And yet... nowadays every one covers his/her genital in public places, for example when you're walking on the street. Most people do this simply because they want it to, but to make sure that absolutely noone will walk the streets without his/her genitals covered, we have even created a law which simply forbids you to.

Let's bring things back to normal.